GDPR Policy

This is to inform you all that, a new Regulation related to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has become applicable across all countries of European Union (EU) since 25th May 2018 & we have complied with the same. The provisions of this regulation require all companies to protect the personal data and privacy of their clients in all their transaction.

Therefore, we assure you that:

1. The data collected from you in a fair and transparent manner is limited to necessity & used for the purposes specified to you.

2. It will be kept by us for the time duration of absolute necessity & no longer. In case of perpetual data like KYC it will be renewed every year in a fair & transparent manner.

3. We undertake to respect your privacy in terms of your right to restrict, refuse or ask for deletion of your private data in the course of your interactions with us subject to your request in writing.

4. The data collected is being kept with us in a secure manner largely impervious to theft, hacking, unauthorised sale/usage, loss, virus damage, alteration etc. In case of breach we will be informing you of the same within 72 hours of the incident.

5. Detailed information on the aforementioned measures is available in the form of an advice published on our website. (Privacy Policy)

We assure you of our best services & co-operation as always.