DEDIAM BVBA | Expert Diamonds Manufacturer & Dealers


The story of the dediam company started a few decennia ago in the town of Amsterdam, when the trade of diamonds was concentrated there. The early founders traded rough and polished diamonds. They also cut their diamonds locally. When the diamond trade moved to Antwerp, it was a logical move to follow. In Antwerp they continued their cutting facilities and the trade of rough and polished diamonds. Today the knowledge of the trade has been passed on to a sixth generation, and the company keeps its position as market player on the Antwerp Diamond Market.

Because dediam has been many years in business, the company has established its name in the diamond world and is well connected within the industry.

As a strong-values family company, the dediam-team is proud they know 98% of all their customers personally. Long lasting personal connections is one of its core values for any collaboration, may it be on the supplier or customer side of business.

Many years of straight forwarded honest dealing has brought us to this point where we have a rich history within the diamond industry. With that same attitude we will continue to flourish many generations forward.